Works In Progress


Fr. Thomas, American Outlaw

Description: Screenplay
A dark comedy incorporating ensemble scenes, live musical performance, hand held “documentary footage,” and “letters brought to life” dramatic monologues explaining how Father Thomas came to host the Leap of Faith Prayer Hour on Makanda Cable TV. He strolls into town and rolls on out again having picked up a guitar and put down his collar-- saved by rock ‘n roll. Test scenes were shot in Chicago and in rural locations across southern Illinois; one of which can be seen in Mr. Streit’s demo reel

Confidence Man

Description: Documentary Film
Bob Streit is Directing this film on the life and career of singer-songwriter, Hugh DeNeal. Featuring concert footage and extensive interviews with Hugh, his family and friends, and the Postal Inspectors who put him behind bars; its a cautionary tale about how playing dark Bluegrass, hosting High Yield Investment Programs on-line, and touring with a mortgage to pay can land you in Leavenworth. 

For Pete's Sake

Description: Music CD
A musical tribute to the life and legacy of Bob’s late cousin, Pete Scott MacGregor, the CD is at once deeply personal and intentionally accessible. Its Americana for survivors, true tales from a wild life cut short. . . 

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